Lightning flash with sylvania light strips?

I have a handful of H801 LED controllers with the community device handler/smart app. The smart app allows for light configurations, one of which is use simulates a lightning strike that’s pretty cool. Works great.

I just got some sylvania LED strips for my aquarium lighting and I am trying to simulate the same thing, a thunderstorm lightning show. I can’t seem to make it work. I tried using WebCore… but getting it to do flashes in the milliseconds is proving to be unreliable (semaphore waits). I’m guessing its just a limitation of webcore?

In any regard, I was wondering if anyone has or has used a SmartApp (or WebCore piston) that would allow me to simulate a lightning flash with these light strips?

If the semaphore waits are expected and getting in the way, you might get some joy by enabling parallelism. Very dependent on the specifics of your piston though.

It appears that those controllers operate locally, thus making for faster operations. Webcore pistons run on the cloud (as you probably know). Therefore, getting operations in the milliseconds range is going to be difficult. Cool concept though!