Lightning Deal - Securifi Peanut Smart Plug $10

I’m putting the batteries back in the hub, and giving myself a calendar reminder to check it monthly for issues. Too many momentary outages without them in there.

Just get a cheap UPS. It’ll be cheaper than the batteries in the end.

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I have high hopes, but I will do what is necessary.

I have had my Hub on a UPS from the beginning, and the batteries removed. I am thinking about getting a cheap TP-Link Smart Plug, not on SmartThings, and reboot auto once in a while.

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I grabbed one of the $5 TP with a Dot deals for just that reason. Set up timer it turn off every Monday at 3am, turn back on at 3:30am.

Yes that is the one I am interested in.

Man, what a deal that was. I grabbed a couple, wish I’d grabbed more

That’s a good point. Especially since your post reminds me that I have one that has fallen into disuse, that I could easily reassign to that task.

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UPS reassigned. Wireless router and ST hub and Alexa Connect hub are on it.

Hue bridge is on a surge-only outlet on the same UPS.

What is a $5 TP? and what is a Dot deal?

Alexa Dot. :slight_smile: They had a deal if you bought a Dot you got the plug cheap.

what would you use these for?
I can’t see many uses, anything in a kitchen has an on off switch…
Maybe a lamp or christmas lights not to may uses i can see in my place…

If nothing else just as a repeater if your Zigbee mesh needs bolstering. I’m going to grab one just for this reason.

I have my washer and dryer plugged into them. I’m trying to get it to notify me when they finish their cycles, but I’m still tweaking that automation. I also have two TVs and soundbars plugged into two others for convenience. I have Wemo Insight plugs that do power monitoring, but they don’t share that data with SmartThings. The Peanuts do, so I’m replacing the Wemos with these.

yes repeater is good, I have zigbee in wall switches so never thought of signal issues before…

2 on 3d printers, a few on floor lamps, one on led strip lights, one on my tool battery charger station strip(6 chargers), one on my asher for notifications and I’m sure I missed some.

I have them in a lot of places for safety and as “kill-a-watt” type of use. I have one on the pellet stove that sends an alert that the wattage has dropped indicating that the combustion fan has shut off indicating it’s out of fuel.
I have one on my pizza oven, because the mechanical timer was faulty on the last one and it kept turning itself to the always on position.
I have one on the “Foreman grill” just so we don’t have to keep unplugging/plugging it in to turn it off/on.
I have one on my air compressor so it isn’t always on, but I can just yell " Alexa turn on the air compressor" when needed.
Window air conditioning units all have them.
Washing machines to notify me when the cycle is done.
I can go on and on.

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I also got these “with a dot” - that is, for $35 you got an Echo Dot and one of these TP-link smartplugs.
Given the Dot itself is usually higher in price, it was a steal.

One of my TP-link outlets is indeed for Xmas lights, and is packed away til December.
The other is in routine use in my home. Like any other smartplug, it can be automated… you might not have many uses for one, but there are folks out there with a dozen or more.

Here’s where I use mine. My cable box, for some reason, draws 18 watts when off.
So It’s plugged into the TP-link outlet. I have automations that turn that Outlet off from 11p to 6a every night, and from 8a to 5p every weekday. So that’s 16 hours daily where it’s drawing zero watts.

Well worth the five bucks for the plug.

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Is there such thing as a smart power outlet some idea as the peanut but hard wired ?

You would be talking about a smart outlet. There are several by every major manufacturer. They more or less look like a GFCI/AFCI outlet, but the button and light are for the smart function of off/on instead of the fault circuit.

Here is one,