Lightning Deal - Securifi Peanut Smart Plug $10

Looking back at my purchase history, I apparently paid $23 for each one. Considering it’s been $20 or under, I feel a bit ripped off now, haha. I had thought I bought them during a $10 lightning sale but memory failed me!

If it pops up at $10 again, I’m hoping to grab a few since they are convenient to have and haven’t given me any problems yet.

They were $5 at one point, which is likely when you got them.

Sadly, no. I paid $23 each. Wishing I had only paid $10 though!

I got one for $13 on the last lightning deal. I had to set an alarm for 2:50am! I only got it to use the laundry monitor smartapp, since I can’t get it to work at all using vibration. I’ll definitely keep watching for future lightning deals. I have some TP-Link and WeMo smart plugs to replace.

Don’t forget to keep 1 TP for ST hub so you can reboot remotely as needed.

Excellent point!

My ST hub, with its internal batteries, does not reboot just by losing AC power.
They should put a command in the app to perform a soft reboot if possible

Remove them. Check here for pictures of leaked batteries. Check your Hub V2 Batteries: might be leaking! Recommended hub batteries?

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Sorry, I didn’t think anybody ( at least nobody in the forum) actually still had batteries in their hubs. I pulled mine out and put it on a UPS long before ST actually admitted there was a problem with hubs charging and exploding the batteries.

Hmmm. I hadn’t seen this.

Batteries coming out as of tomorrow. Thanks

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Can someone explain to me what exactly it is i need to do for the Peanut Plugs to work with ST? I received 2 of them as stocking stuffers (yes I’m 47 years old and my family still stuffs me a stocking lol) and want to use them, but don’t want to veer away from using my ST hub. Its currently working so well for me.

Put ST into inclusion mode, hold in the inclusion button on the side of the peanut and plug it in. Just like the instructions in the box say.


What Custom DTH are you using?

it’s by @pakmanwg and at the bottom of this post below. The same member that created the custom code for multi purpose use for the Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Sensor

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Did you have to update the firmware? I don’t have an Almond, or way to borrow one. I asked the writer of the DTH for the GitHub settings for future updates as I was unable to find that info.

Forgot to mention about the firmware of the plug. You do need to update it. I was lucky enough to update the plug before giving the almond hub away.

Then it looks like I bought the plug for nothing, unless it has newer firmware. I wonder if almond would do it for me?

I’ve been considering posting this, but I guess I’ll go ahead. I bought an Almond 2015 specifically for this reason. They are on eBay regularly for ~$35. I have three Peanuts and have successfully updated the firmware in all three and can use the energy monitoring in ST. If anyone would be interested, they could mail their Peanuts to me round trip and I will gladly take the 15 minutes to update the firmware and send it back. Similarly, if anyone has a Peanut that they can’t use, I would be interested in buying it. I bought the ones I have to replace my Wemo Insight plugs and I still have a few more to replace. Just an offer to the community and hopefully that doesn’t go against any guidelines.

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Thank you for the offer, I might just take you up on that. As soon as I get my plug and test it, I will know if it need the update.

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AFAIK All peanuts ship with the original FW, which doesn’t support power reporting. If I had thought about it, I would have updated all my extra $5 Peanuts before I gave my A+ to the son. Well I can always try and remember to bring them with me sometime we go visit the grandkids.