Lightning Deal - Securifi Peanut Smart Plug $10

Nope. They pair easily enough. Just make sure to change the DTH to Zigbee Switch Power.

St SmartPower outlet

Welp, ST Smart Power and just as with every other DH tI can turn it on, but then it turns off again in 30 seconds. Cheap, but they don’t work.

I’ve never had any issues with them, other than the power meter never working, the occasional dropping off mesh with almost any device

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Maybe you got the better firmware or something. Mine are useless and were $20 not $10.

2017-08-04 9:32:23.087 PM PDT
moments ago DEVICE switch off Speakers is Off true
2017-08-04 9:32:03.441 PM PDT
moments ago DEVICE switch on Speakers is On true
2017-08-04 9:32:03.141 PM PDT
moments ago COMMAND on on command was sent to Speakers true

Possible, I did update the FW. Having them since the beginning though, FW was only to fix the power reading which never worked anyways. So I never bothered updating it on the ones I got recently.

How did you update the firmware? My understanding was that they could only be updated with an Almond hub.

So this is interesting, they don’t do their little automatically shutting themselves off trick if I use them with the Zigbee Valve DH. They don’t work with alexa commands that way for some reason, maybe alexa disallows valves, but they work with ST as expected. iI that is, you are able to deal with “On” being “Open” and “Off” being “Closed”.

I have some of these. They paired as Thing. I switched to Zigbee Power Switch or something like that. Never had an issue.

You answered your own question. As I said I have had these since the beginning

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I have 5 of these around the house - haven’t had an issue with any turning off and have never updated the firmware although I would like to. Work great for the price

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Another $10 Peanut Lightning deal until 4pm ET

Listing lies, they work fine with ST. Use SmartPower DTH.

I still have 4 left on the shelf from the $5 sale

They do work with ST?

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Just received my first Peanut from this $10 deal. Works great using the SmartPower Outlet DTH. Thanks!

Does the energy reading working with smartpower outlet DTH. I switched to a custom DTH couple months ago because of this.

Power reading didn’t work with the Securifi hub, so not missing much.

I do have power reading after I updated all my peanut plugs and using a custom DTH.

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It is back at $13.99 now on AMAZON.

I’m seeing $20…

It was sold out in about 5 minutes.

You need to keep an eye on this item. It goes on sale a lot.