Lighting with Motion returning to current scene?

I’ve got a Hue Lightstrip with an Aeotec Motion Sensor on my back patio. I have 3 Scenes… Sunset, Evening, Night where each has their own color. I want to key the light to bright white when motion is detected and then after a minute or so of no motion go back to the existing Scene.

I’ve created some vSwitches that key ON and OFF and I got close to what I wanted, but I also had about 10 Routines and it was crazy complicated. Anyone have any suggestions on the most elequent way to achieve this? Thanks in advance.

It might work with 6 separate automations, two for each time period (plus on and off at either end). For example during sunset:

When: XX:XX to YY:YY [sunset time period]
AND motion detected
Then: 100%, 4000K

When: XX:XX to YY:YY
AND motion not detected for 1min
Then: [sunset scene]