Lighting Smart App

Is it possible in anyway to only run a lighting routine if a specific light is currently on? I cant find any options to using current light states as a condition.

Also I would like to hue shift and return to current hue or pulse a LIFX bulb when a presence sensor arrives ?

Nevermind, found CoRE!

Basic smartthings is a mess, routines, automations, smart apps… should just concentrate on device configs and have a good engine, no need for all the other fragmented nonsense.

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If I were you I would write a syrupus email/post to the SmartThings CEO, @alex Hawkinson to plee for making CoRE available for local processing, so that when the almighty cloud takes a break or your internet goes out, your pistons are still moving…

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I assume many of these emails have been written already?

Haha who’s @alex. @SBDOBRESCU is making up names now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: