Lighting Schedule still runs after piston was deleted

OK guys I’m a tad confused a few days ago I setup a light schedule in Webcore it worked fine but then I deleted the piston as it’s wasn’t needed… but for some reason my lights still come on at the scheduled time even though it no longer exists… how do I stop this? The piston has already been deleted so that’s not it… I apologise if I’m being doh!

First, go into the app and look at the events for the light and see if it was webcore that triggered it. If that is the case then double checked the piston is deleted. If it is then go into the developer portal, click on locations and then smart apps under installed smartpps. you should see a long list. Click the edit button under your location banner. Then scroll down to your zombie app and click uninstall.

Fixed… there was still an old routine running that I thought I had deleted found it by mistake when looking to sort something else… sorry for wasting peoples time with this :frowning: