Lighting Issue - Can you Trigger Lights from a Switch (Like a Button)? (UK)


I’ve done some searching in the community, but haven’t been able to find an answer.

We’re building a new home and the plan was always to have an element of “Smart Home” features with CAT6 to each room and neutral wire at all lights to allow the use of Fibaro modules with SmartThings where required - although for most areas we will just be using standard light switches etc.

Yesterday the electrician realised a mistake had been made! In our living room at the bottom of the stairs, which is also the entrance from a hallway - we have a two gang switch for two sets of lights in the living room (so far so good!), at the other side of the room where you enter from the kitchen SHOULD be a corresponding set of two way switches, they have completely forgotten to put the wires in and the room is plastered and painted!

We can easily get a power source to where the switch needs to be (neutral/live/earth), is there a way to put a switch in there which is simply triggering commands to the other switch/Fibaro module/SmartThings hub. Our plan is to use Click Micro Switches throughout.

Any solutions and if so are there downsides i.e. significant delay in switching or are we pulling walls apart!?