Lighting has a mind of its own

Lighting has a mind of its own, Hue bulbs dimming and turning off on their own
Hue bulbs, removed from Echo, still at it then removed from Smartthings and still at it , removed from Hue hub, reinstalled on Smartthings and Echo and all fine now
This started when I got a new car before Christmas and I’m wondering if the car/keyfobs are affecting the Hue hub

Could try changing the zigbee channel to see if that solves anything. Hue app, settings, bridges, click the “i” next to your bridge, then try a new channel. Power all lights on before doing this.

If they are still changing on their own after being removed from the Hue hub, then that would lead to a problem with the bulb, since they are not connected to anything. I fail to see how SmartThings can help with that.

That isn’t possible. Your car-fob is not on the same frequency range as Zigbee. Zigbee uses 2.4 gHz. American cars use 315 Mhz and European cars use 433.92 MHz. There is no way that a car remote is affecting your zigbee lights.