Lighting Groups

I have some questions about Lighting Groups in the new app.

Are Lighting Groups controllable by Automations? If so, how?

Among other differences, a Lighting Group can be turned on and off where as a Scene can only do one or the other. Is that correct?

Can a Lighting Group be used by Alexa? If so, how?

Not yet


Not at this time

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See this thread:

Searched for this topic before creating a new one, I would also like to known when ‘Lighting Groups’ will be available in automation. Is there a more specific date than ‘Soon’?

Short answer: No. :disappointed_relieved:

However, for some purposes, such as turning on several lights at the same time, a scene might work, and scenes can be used in automations. But you’d have to have one scene for on and one for off. So not as good as real groups, obviously.

The other approach is what we used to do with the classic app. Create a virtual device to stand in as a proxy for the group. Then have all of the individual lights “mirror“ the proxy. (Of course, that requires one SmartLights automation for each of the lights in the group, which is a lot of work to set up.) Now you can put the proxy into automations and the individual lights will all follow its state for on, off, and Dimming. But it doesn’t work for color temperature.

So it all depends on what you were trying to do. I agree that it’s very odd that this doesn’t already exist in SmartThings. :face_with_monocle:

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Thanks for the answer, very strange to create a very much wanted grouping tool then not allowing anyone to utilize it in automatons or scenes? Never mind, hopefully an update in the app soon enough!


Is this still not available?
I want to automate my light groups! :expressionless:

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Nope, still can’t control them as a group. Your best options currently are using scenes or the community created SmartApp Trend Setter. With TS, you create a virtual device that acts as a lighting group and can control all devices in the group, including the dimmer, temp and color. The benefit of this over a scene is that, as @JDRoberts stated, you’ll need a scene for on and a scene for off. And multiple scenes for different dimming/temp/color.

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