Lighting/electrical questions

(Greyson Morrow) #1

So my house is already a hue house. I have 13 hue lights and looking to add 8 more. My question is pretty straight forward I think. I live in an older house and most of my light switches don’t have a common or ground. Just hot and neutral. What I’m hoping to accomplish is a light switch that is able to hook up with just a hot and neutral that keeps the lights constantly on and when someone flicks the switch it’s basically sending a scene to the controller to turn on these lights.

Main reason is because if we flip the switch off and back on it confuses SmartThings and it doesn’t know when it’s off or on. I would much rather have constant power going to the lights and have scene based switches to turn them on or off.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

I do precisely this using Intermatic CA5100 switches. They do not control a load, but simply send an on and off event. Wire the line and load together with the black wire of the CA5100, and jumper the white wire to your neutral. Then you can use The Big Switch App to control your Hues. If you want scenes you’ll need to modify the Hue app to add the color.compatibility.

I use HAM Bridge to run my Hue scenes, and even built an app to allow you to rotate thru multiple ON and OFF scenes with a single switch. You can download my SmartApp from the HAM Bridge community linked above.