Lighting Director and Lux problems

Lighting Director has been awesome since it was released. Lately though, it has been ignoring Lux readings and randomly turning on lights even though the lux levels indicate it shouldn’t; this started after the platform upgrades.
Anyone else experiencing these issues? I looked at using the supported ST version but it has no lux variable which makes it useless IMHO.

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I’m not using lighting director, but I have several apps that I wrote that do use LUX values, and they have been working fine.
One in particular fires when any dimmer turns on, so it gets executed quite often.

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Same; I’ve written an app that sets light brightness based on lux and it’s been working fine for multiple lights. Both apps are used daily.

Are there any good apps out there that just send the off command when lux gets below a certain level?

Try “Brighten Dark Places”

I deleted my IDE install of Lighting Director and re-installed from the ST library now that it’s official supported. Since then (2 days) the LUX has been obeying the prime directives.

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Nah, I lied. All yesterday the living lights were coming on even though I have the LUX trigger set to 250 and it was >1000 all day. :frowning:

Hey Carinda, would you be willing to share the app you wrote for lux? I’ve also been affected by Lighting Director’s lux issues.

Interesting test so far. I noticed that every time the errant trigger occurred (violating the LUX threshold) the log showed the first thing it tried to do was set the level, in my case 40%. As I don’t seem to have the problem in the kitchen (not variable) I tried removing that part of the setup and so far the living room is obeying the programming. No one every changes the level from 40% anyway so I can live with that until ST fixed the app no that it’s official (hint hint).

Sure - but be warned, it’s pretty messy. I mashed in some additional settings to make it more generic when I ended up with more than one place to implement (but with light level settings). So it’s a little awful on the configuration side. I probably aught to take another look at it.

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