Lighting delays using Automations and scenes

3 months ago I bought the SmartThings v3 hub and set this up with a SmartThings motion sensor, 10 Phillips hue bulbs and the Phillips hue bridge.

I set up some scenes to turn all lights on and off and also 1 automation to turn all the lights on when motion is detected after a certain time of the day. This was all working fine for the first couple of months but for the last 4 weeks or so there have been long delays.

When I run a scene or an automation it takes 5 seconds to start turning on or off the lights and when they do start they do so one by one instead of all together. I have bought the Samsung hub to use throughout my house but bought it for just this 1 room to test it out. Not really happy with it at all at the minute.

I have looked online and followed advice which said to remove the lights and Phillips hue bridge from SmartThings and then add them back in with no luck and also I have factory reset the SmartThings hub and added everything back in once again with no luck.

Could anyone please advise me on what I can do?

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You can try CrossPoint.