Lighting control using switches and smart relays

I’m trying to figure out how to control lighting circuits using a dual system of light switches and smart relays as I would like to keep the convenience of flicking a light switch if needed. I can see how to do this using relays as part of a 2 way system but this doesn’t work if I want to say use a PIR to operate a smart relay as potentially it would turn the light off. Any suggestions gratefully received, I’m getting splinters in fingers from head scratching…

Fibaro modules might be what you are after.
You can control these using ST rules etc. and still have the switch available for manual use.
I don’t use them myself but the font of all knowledge for these is @anon36505037.
If he doesn’t know, nobody does…

Hi and thanks for the replies, I’m in the UK so I’ll have s look at these. The one thing that the few available smart switches seemed to need was a neutral which is why I was going down the route of relays in ceiling voids, assume no neutrals needed for these modules?