Lighting Automation with Stages

I’m building a home where almost all switches will be GE Z-Wave Switches (12722) and most of the bulbs Hue Bulbs (either White or Color).

Is there a SmartApp where I can trigger actions in stages with user defined delays?

ie. Bathroom Motion Detector Dimmer

Trigger : Motion Dector in bathroom
Condition: Between Sunset and Sunrise
Stage 1: Turn on GE Switch
[0.25] second delay
Stage 2: Turn on Hue Bulbs to 10%
Exit Condition: Turn off if no motion is detected after [2] minutes

Currently everything I could find will try to turn everything on at once but since the bulbs aren’t on they never get the command to dim. The Lighting Automation SmartApp is almost perfect just needs a second stage.

Having this ability also makes it possible for me to create a switch that Alexa can enable that will:
Stage 1: Turn on appropriate living room light switches
(small delay)
Stage 2: Adjust Hue Bulbs to a level
Stage 3: Send an IFTTT trigger to set the appropriate colors.

[ EDIT: I noticed you can do 2 and 3 to some degree with the existing Lighting Automation SmartApp but you still need stages for the delay]

You can use CoRE to accomplish this. It is a SmartApp developed by people on this forum and it is very powerful. Simply search “CoRE” and you will find several topics, including the “CoRE for Dummies” topic to help you get started.

Thank you. I was able to setup a scenario similar to what I listed but the delay wait didn’t seem to work. However it had a overall 50% success rate of getting everything on and dimmed.

I think the best solution right now would be able to find some form of track lighting near the floor that I can do a simple on and off with until I can improve on the Core example.

If your Core Piston isn’t working like you hope, post here…

or even message me. I bet we can get it working just as you like. :slight_smile: I have a good number of successful waits in my pistons.

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Post a pic of your piston in the other thread… We’ll take care of you.