Lighting automation with certain time spanning midnight

I have an automation using the Smart Lights app. When my garage door opens between 11:30 PM and sunrise, it should turn on a light, but it isn’t working. Is it because the times span midnight? Do I need to create two automations, one for 11:30 - 11:59 PM, and one for 12:00 AM - sunrise?

No… One time range should work.

I just checked and I have a couple lighting automations that cross-midnight.

My stairs lighting, for example is set to activate whenever Luminance < 1000 and Only during “7:00am to 12:05am” (in other words; only during the day through just after midnight; don’t want the dogs to turn on the stair lighting at 1am, or 4am).

I think Smart Lighting logs some information about its rule analysis in Live Logging at

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Weird. I created some simulator devices to test with, and expanded the time range, and it worked. I set the time range back to 11:30-sunrise, and live logging shows the time ranges to be correct. I’ll have to wait and try again tonight with the real devices.


Just re-tested it with real devices and the actual time span I want, and it worked. Not sure what was happening before. Thanks for the help.