Lighting app crashes and I lose the entire lighting setup 🤬

I have been using Smarthings for years the lighting app worked ok for me in “classic” but in the new setup it crashes if I edit and I lose everything.
I migrated across and all appeared ok however I edited the setup and the app crashed and the app just disappeared and I was left with no smart lighting. Although frustrated I thought ok I migrated so I’ll recreate the whole setup from scratch in the new software. Having spent several hours creating the whole thing again all appeared ok. I then just edited a title nothing more demanding and the app crashed with the “something went wrong” message and the app completely disappeared again leaving me with no smart lighting. This is basic stuff nothing fancy. Update not only did this crash but upon yet another rebuild I find that a large proportion of the scenes used in the app have been emptied out of lights and those need to be deleted and recreated again!! Just rebuilding the scene does not work it just gets worse.

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Yep same thing happened to me last night very frustrating and not good enough

is there a way to back them up ?

Hi Darren
Well I have no doubt there is a way to do this using something above the standard command structure, then running it back in if/when it fails But I haven’t looked into that.

I would recommend reporting it to and also report it here: Get ready to make the switch!

The new app unfortunately is introducing new bugs every week but they can’t fix it unless they know about it.