Lightify Strip color: reviews of Lightify vs Hue?

I recently bought an OSRAM/Sylvannia LED strip kit that contains 3 2ft LED strips and also an extension kit that contains 2 2ft strips. The intention is to run under kitchen cabinets. I noticed that the LED strips from each set are not the same color and very noticeable at 2700k. The strips from the LED kit seems to be much whiter/bluer at that temperature setting. I am only using smartthings hub and app. In addition, after looking up online it’s not clear what is the maximum Lumens of these strips. I have connected the strips together, added them to the hub, did OTA update, reset the strips etc and nothing made a difference. If I choose a different temp setting, the difference is not as noticeable.

I am also considering maybe switching to Philips hue lightstrip plus since I found the Lighitfy strips to be not as bright I had expected. The Philips strips are not ideal for my set up though since they are more expensive and they are not as user friendly for length. Any one has used both and can comment? Philips are supposed to be 1600 lumens, but I am not sure how much lumens the Lightify ones are supposed to be - I read they are 1400 lumens but also somewhere else I read they only output 320 lumens so it is confusing unless we are not comparing apple to apple ie the lumens is per a specific length of strip.

send one back… ihave 4 in front yeard and they are all the same color…

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