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Lightify RGBW Spots


(Stephen Williams) #1

Hey all first time posting here. I have had my SmartThings system for about a year now and have been using it mainly as a security system, but have decided to expand on that more. I have added some LED bulbs and a few Lightify RBGW spots and they work great. I have run across a bit of a problem and am not sure how to overcome it. Since these are RGBW bulbs I can adjust the color, but the hiccup here is I have to adjust them each and matching color in the app can be tricky. My question is then how could I group the two devices into a single device so that control of one controlled both?

I have a bit of coding exp, but I am rusty and would be a bit of a learning curve so I figured asking here as someone might have had the same issue/thought and have a fix for it.



Try taking a look at this Smartapp

And there is also this Wiki

(Stephen Williams) #3

Thanks I think this will do exactly what I want it to!