Lightify PAR 38 lights showing as switches in Google Assistant

(Dennis) #1

Stocked up on some Lightify items on clearance at Lowe’s this weekend and installed two PAR 38 bulbs and added them to the ST room “deck”. When I say “OK Google, turn on deck lights” the other two lights I have out there turn on, but not the PAR 38s. When looking through my Google settings, I see that these two bulbs are showing up as switches instead of lights (they show as lights in the SmartThings app).

Actually, I kind of like it this way in this particular case, because I don’t always want those on when I turn the other lights on (they are pretty bright); and when I do want them on with the others, I simply say “turn on deck”. But I have two more PAR 38 bulbs I will be installing elsewhere, and am curious if anyone has an idea of why they show as switches in Google, and is there any way to correct that?

(Matt Behnken) #2

sometimes with google assistant you have to add the word light or lights to the name of the device. For instance, If I have a tv in the living room, and overhead lights in “living room”, If I ask google assistant to turn on the living room, it won’t turn on the tv because the name “TV” doesn’t have the word “lights” in its device name.

(Justn ) #3

I have one I just picked up. It shows as a light in Google home for me.

Curious if yours randomly turn themselves on? The one I have seems to think it’s ok to turn on in the middle of the night with no help from anyone. It’s not on any routine, and has the latest firmware.