Lightify Gardenspot sale $27

Damn this site. Damn Amazon Prime. I had that $27 I just spent on these lights budgeted for a case & a half of beer.

Now I need to figure out where to put them & study this thread on whether there’s an advantage to buy the hub. :grin:

I can’t find any of them priced at 27 dollars, even in the “Other Sellers” page.

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Check back every hour or so, I’ve seen it come and go several times since yesterday.

Hmm… I picked up a few of these kits.

So just for clarification, pair these directly to ST Hub after updating the FW through the Lightify / OSRAM Gateway. Correct?

Can the OSRAM be connected to the ST Hub similar to Hue Bridge?

Will the LED strip controller repeat the Zigbee?

I would never spend the $60 on the Osram hub, BUT you can find deals on the start kit with 2 or 3 bulbs and the hub . That was how I got mine

[quote=“KC_703, post:64, topic:59643”]
So just for clarification, pair these directly to ST Hub after updating the FW through the Lightify / OSRAM Gateway. Correct?
[/quote] Yes they connect and are supported ( with the exception of FW updates ) with ST. Just go into your app, add a thing, look under bulbs and switches .

I assume you mean connecting the Lightify hub cloud to cloud with ST. NO. Lightify bulbs are officially supported and connect directly to ST hub, you only use the Osram hub to update the device firmware.

, I have no reason to believe they don’t . Others may correct me, but as far as I know almost any device that has constant power acts as a repeater in building the mesh.

I got mine delivered a few minutes ago. I can’t wait to install them tonight.

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Same here but mine the 2 delivered are going to my camp, so can’t play until the weekend. Other two are at the wrong shipping hub and held up.

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First round arrived today!


WOW. I actually did get 1 set that had obviously been attempted to be installed before. It was all put together and coiled up in the box, no internal boxes, booklets. Reset it and it connected fine. My issue is the little baggy of itty bitty screws was missing. Luckily the other 2 sets were just damaged boxes so I should be able to get them strung up, just not with 2 screws in each bulb.

Anybody want to trade a bunch of stakes for screws ? LOL .

Sale appears to be on again, as of 1 minute ago.

Its over again. I do believe I picked up 3 sets, will see if they ship.

I have 2 bags of screws maybe 3 if I can find the other

Thanks for the offer, but it was a sarcastic request.


Can those who have them installed outdoors comment on the following:

  1. Span - based on the product information, looks like the overall length of the string is 9’. However, what’s the actual distance from first to last light?
  2. Brightness - I’d like to use them to spotlight from bottom-up some flower beds and a birch tree. Are they suitable for that type of an application, or are they too dim?


Actually each string is about 14 feet of lights. Not sure where you got 9 feet. That is a 20’ ramp, top hand rails are 16’ , I took 2 of the sets I got last week and put them along the 2x4 at the top of the lattice on either side and the light up the ramp nicely, 1st light is at the 4x4 at the top, last light is at the bottom facing out towards the driveway.

I don’t know about a tree, but I have them mounted facing down along the fascia of my porch, and they are bring enough to light up the porch. Ignore the forward facing LED strips. Those are Taotonic strips, but you can see the garden spots facing down . Not the best pic, but the easiest one to grab at the moment . I won’t be home until Wed. If you look for the thread on these actual lights, not this sale there are some better pics by others

  1. Depends if you’re interested in the length with the stakes, or without the stakes.

  2. I would say they’re suitable. Some of mine are in the landscaping in front of my house, and they’re bright enough to bounce off the soffit 2 stories up. Here’s an example from 4th of July:

EDIT: I also have them in Circadian Daylight as dimmers, so they start at 100% at sunset and get dimmer as it gets later in the evening (and brighter towards morning). I can’t say exactly how bright they were here, I think they were probably close to, but not quite, 100%.


I have a set with a few pointed up near a big oak tree. The over hanging branches 30 ft up are lit well

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Whats a Circadian Daylight dimmer?

Great, thank you for the pics and the info!!

Its primary goal is to adjust color temperature to maintain a normal circadian rhythm, but it can also adjust brightness. I like to leave my outdoor lights on all night for security (we live near the end of a relatively dark road) but I don’t like them being so bright that they would bother our neighbors. By allowing them to dim overnight I get the best of both.

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