Lightify Gardenspot sale $27

Keep checking. Just picked up 3 for $28 each. 6:45 zulu

Hmmm 14’ ea would be the perfect length to go down each side of 16’ ramp. I think that as actually one of my original intentions before I found other places ( like along the roof of porch, and around the hot tub )

My $27 ones say not shipped yet, arriving Oct 19th. My damaged $23 ones say preparing for shipment.

Sorry guys, I just went back and got the last $24 AWD damaged set.

I put these on my front window sill so that I can enjoy them from the inside too. I got two more…so where do I put these?

I used Core (piston is in the link below) to change colors every minute. Oh and you’ll need the DTH found in the top of the thread.

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Check again… I just picked up 5 more

Now showing 7 in stock

I just went back and the new ones are $29 LOL. Somebody is having fun with the pricing on these today. So do I cancel the order for 3 " new" ones and get 3 more AWD deal ?

Took me 3 tries ( kept getting the sorry the item is no longer available from that seller error) but I was able to get 3 more from AWD for $24 ea. No rush delivery on 17. Went back and cancelled the order for the $27 ones with delivery on 26th .

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I bet the damaged ones will be pulls from retails store with more dust than damage.

are these used? debating on whether I should get te AWD used ones and get them this week, ans a few dollars, or getting new ones, and hope they get shipped next week…

No not used, AWD is usually just outer boxes were damaged . I have never actually gotten an actually damaged/ used tem from AWD. I take that back, I did get a paddle for the Kitchenaide mixer from AWD and the silicone bowl scraper was cracked, Amazon issued a full refund.

Awesome! I cancelled the new ones. Picked up 2 of the AWD, but I am so tempted to buy 2 more.

Price at $27.49 still available to purchase but backordered until Oct 17 as of 7:45am (PST) Oct 11 but you need to drill down to 3rd-party sales:

So these pair direct with ST right? Don’t need their hub or something?

From what I found out yesterday, they do not need osram hub. Their hub is only good for firmware update that gets wiped out anyway when paired with ST.


I paired them and used the default DTH with no problems. Worked pretty good. If you want the random auto hue changing ability. Then you’ll need the custom DTH and core.

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What makes you say the firmware update is wiped out when hooked to ST ? I always hook them up to Osram hub as soon as I open the box, make sure they are all on latest FW, then reset them and connect to ST.

I think he meant the connection to the osram hub is lost when connected to ST Hub.

The one ( okay one of ) major thing we have all been after ST to do is be able to update 3rd party FW. A lot of the issues with Osram & GE bulbs were fixed ( at least partly) by updating the device firmware. I just can’t understand why anybody would say updating device FW is a waste if you use ST hub

I based my post on this thread while I was looking if I needed a hub. I didn’t check if it’s fact. I did get my answer that I do not need the hub though.