Lightify Gardenspot sale $27

RIP Lemmy :cry:

Has anyone confirmed the functionality differences / issues with the non-updated ones versus the updated ones?

I have 4, I have updated 1 and I can’t really see a difference in behavior.

I haven’t noticed any difference at all. Either with color/hue or stability. Of course that could simple be because I am controlling them with the outdated ST DTH.

I was confused by all the DH talk, so I wrote my own using the new zigbee calls ST provides. I can’t easily replicate the random hue changing without an accompanying SmartApp, but I haven’t spent much time on it. I can get it to blink without a smart app and without using scheduling.

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I haven’t ventured into trying to write my own anything.
Using the Garden Hue app I have been having issue with the sunrise sunset activation not working (of course that is ST, not the app’s fault) , Other issue is when it does deactivate it doesn’t actually turn off the lights, they just stop changing color. Yes if they happen to be off when it stops they are off, but more often than not they will just stay on at the last color.

Last night they ended on a blue. I deactivated the app and changed them all to dark orange. For whatever reason 2 of the 5 strings kept changing back to blue after a couple minutes. They were still showing as orange in the ST app though, even after refreshing the app.

I use Osram LIGHTIFY GardenSpot Mini rgb - AAP Version for my GardenSpot Device Handler, this allows for color loop (transition to set color over time), and exposes a Random Hue Property. Then I use the Random Hue Property in CoRE to change the color ever X minutes, and since the Color loop is enabled it transitions to the color over X seconds, it looks really nice.

I created a virtual switch to enable to color loop, I have SmartLighting Smart App turn the virtual switch on at sunset, I have a CoRE Piston that is subscribed to the virtual switch turning on, while the switch it on it checks every X minutes that the switch is still on, if it is it then executes the Random Hue property, I then have SmartLighting turn the virtual switch off at 11:00pm, CoRE then sees that and turns off the GardenSpots.

Osram LIGHTIFY GardenSpot Mini rgb - AAP Version:


Here is my CoRE Piston:

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Anyone get extra’s of these? I missed out, but could trade for a Philips Bloom light.

they go on sale often, just gotta keep checking every day and checking the "from other sellers’ section. @Billb1981

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Gonna put my Gardenspot out front tomorrow in a flower/ plant bed. A few questions.
Could I just lay the power supply box on top of the mulch, or should I find a spot to attach to my siding (if I need to I’m assuming I could paint it to match the house)?
Looks like I’ll be a few lights short. Can you buy extensions without the power supply? Looks like the 3 light extension comes with a power supply.

You can just buy another kit for $27 which has 9 lights. Each kit can be extended up to 18 lights. You will save $5 and get 6 more lights by not looking for those extensions :wink:

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There are holes in the power supply and control module have mounting holes. . I would not recommend just laying them on the ground, but that would depend on where you live.
You can get the 3 light extensions, but they DO NOT come with a power supply. When you can get the full sets for < $30 they are actually cheaper than the 3 light extension. You can use 2 of the 9 light strings on one power supply and control module without any problems.

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I agree. That’s what i did yesterday for my driveway, so now I have an extra power supply as a back up

How to do you guys hide the extra wire from the first light?

For the power supply if you don’t want to mount it you can do what I did. Take a short piece of pvc to use as a ‘stake’ and attach the power supply to this. That way it is off the ground a few inches but still pretty well hidden in the shrubbery.


I wrapped one in stretch wrap a buried it in the mulch over 2 months ago, Seems fine so far

On the topic of extending these sets. What about using a RGBW inline amp like this

Should work right?

So i got my first set today from the sale and they were definetly a damaged box item. It looks like someone purchased them, couldnt get them to work and returned them. Which brings me to my question.

I am having a hard time getting these to even turn on. I plugged everything in and get zero lights. I tried resetting using any method i could find online. 5x5, 3x3, using a power strip, unplugging after the transformer? At what point do I give up here? Has anyone every had them not turn on at all?

When I got mine, as soon as I plugged them in, they would turn on. You may have a bad power supply. If you’re getting more than one set, I would try a different power source to see if that’s the problem.

If you have a DC meter see if you have anything coming out of the power supply. Previous user may have burned a power supply up or controller box… Ordered a new set put bad parts in new set and returned it.

Not acceptable to do that but people do!

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Maybe I just lucked out on my $27 deal. My packaging looked perfect & unopened. They’re up and running with ST’s in my front.
A question; is there a way to get the light color to change/pulse automatically. I never got the Lightify app, could I do it with that?