Lightify Gardenspot Mini's

yeah. Funny thing is they been in stock twice since ordering. I guess different vendor?

Ugh, mine are all delayed…

So are mine. Yet they have then in stock. Confusing!! I’m betting they want us to cancel the orders.

Same here. I was thinking that as well. I did get one though.

There is a big discussion on this topic in the Wink Facebook group. Most (including me) have not received anything yet and several members contacted Amazon. Amazon basically says that the minis we ordered were branded a specific way (some said that they had “Compatible with Wemo” branding, others said ours said Sylvania instead of Osram) and they don’t have stock on the SPECIFIC kit. So the ones they have in stock, while technically the exact same product, won’t be used to fulfill our orders and we’ll have to wait.

I call BS, Says I purchased what they have in stock which the only time I purchased these were when they were $31.

You’re free to call Amazon and see what they tell you. You’ll also notice in the screenshot above that it says “Sold by Panda Geeks” - in my case (and I’m sure yours as well), the $31.50 deal was sold by Amazon, not Panda Geeks. Simply being “Fulfilled by Amazon” does not mean it is in stock for orders sold by Amazon.

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I say this not to make people any more angry, but all of mine (10) did arrive this Sunday. I am not sure why mine came in and yours did not, but they are coming.

Probably the same reason " everybody else" got their Taps & Echoes from the Lowe’s sale 3 weeks ago and all I have gotten are the contact us or else emails .

Well, in all fairness, I am still waiting on my Tap, so I guess I did not go unscathed.

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Actually that isn’t true. Amazon does mix inventory for items fulfilled by Amazon with sold by Amazon as long as it’s the exact same product. It looks like Amazon is for some reason claiming it’s not the same item.

Actually, the bolded is what I mentioned above - they are claiming it is a different product and by “different product,” I think it might be a minor SKU difference due to a branding change on the box.

Also, regarding mixing inventory - that isn’t what Amazon has told me in the past.

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This is the part that is untrue.

If I have 100 widgets being warehoused by Amazon for fulfillment and Amazon is selling them for me at $95 ea. Some other seller or Amazon themselves gets a deal and is blowing them out for $50 ea. Amazon CAN NOT take my stock in their warehouse and sell them for $50 each when they are under contract to pay me $95 (minus commission ) for them.
Now my 100 might be in the PA warehouse and they may ship my customer from CA warehouse to save on shipping. Now when a CA seller sells one in PA they will replace it with one of mine.

Few weeks ago it said sold by amazon. Then is when I wrote them the first time as it said 7 left.

Still waiting on my TaP AS WELL. :disappointed:

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I called Amazon and then emailed the seller. They have perfect feedback as of right now. Amazon was no help.

I ordered one on July 25th and it is arriving tomorrow.

I’m debating whether or not to rock the boat and contact Lowe’s . After 3 " contact us or else " emails the first week after I ordered Taps, there has been no activity. Showing OOS now, but last week the Taps were in stock and promising 2-3 day delivery. Quickly approaching the 30 day automatic order cancellation date

I called again today as the seller I contacted was not actually the seller. Amazon told me that “Zenopolis” was the seller. It turns out the seller was Amazon. After contacting Zenopolis they were very nice and helpful but I don’t expect them to match the $31.44 price.

The guy at Amazon told me that they received a shipment on Saturday and more are supposed to come in tomorrow or Friday. BUT… depending where ours are in the queue we might get a shipment notice this week or next week, or next month. I guess one of the following is true…

1 - There software uses a standard reorder quantity versus the open orders
2 - They are not capable of ordering more than a few at once
3 - They are holding the orders so we cancel.

I can’t imagine #2 being true…

I have received a newsletter from Sylvania, where they made the referencing to a new outdoor strip

New LIGHTIFY Outdoor Multi-Color Flex Strips

Looking to “light up” your outdoor space - perhaps under your deck railings, outlining your walkway, or around your pool? Our Outdoor Flex Strips are for you. With easy installation, you can seamlessly contour around corners to follow any path. Wet rated and durable, there’s no need to worry about the elements. Get the new LIGHTIFY Outdoor Flex Strips at Lowe’s.

Obviously, the link direct me to the indoor strips…

Maybe this is related to the price reduction of the gardenspots