Lightify Gardenspot Globes?

In our front yard we have some oddly staggered steps that can be really treacherous at night. My first thought was to use the Gardenspots, which I love. Unfortunately, they don’t illuminate the steps because they point directly up, and in fact make it even harder to see because they shine in your eyes. I’m trying to come up with some kind of solution, and am thinking either some kind of post to attach and angle down or perhaps some kind of globe or other cover that would refract the light onto the steps around it. Has anyone had any experience like this or have any ideas?

I’ve seen them mounted on the vertical section of the step so they shine out. If you only have a few steps to go up they shouldn’t hit your eyes. Perhaps put an angled shim behind them so they point down onto the horizontal section of the step below.

See how this person did it

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