Lightbulb not turning off

Hey guys. One of my bulbs is set to turn off at 650 AM every morning. This morning it did not shut off. It currently shows as on. If I manually hit turn off it indicates its shutting down but then goes back to on. What am I dong wrong. All my other devices are working properly.

Likely scheduler issues. I have one bulb that doesn’t want to listen either. You can try to go into the IDE, go to your Location, List SmartApps, then find the routine that is supposed to turn it off and hit the Update link. That might work, it might not.

The other lights in the routine turned off like they were supposed to?

Also, as far as the scheduler goes, shouldn’t I be able to turn the bulb off manually still?

Same here. One light that’s an issue. I’m going to reset that one bulb this weekend and see if that fixes it. It may be that I have a compound issue, but the rule turning off the lights definitely had old scheduler jobs stuck. I think that is where it all started.

Regardless of the schedule I should still be able to turn the bulb off manually though shouldn’t I?

If it’s a Smart Bulb like GE it probably needs to be power cycled. Sometimes the bulbs just flake out and need to be cycled or even reset to get them back to working.

What kind of bulb are we talking about? If it’s a GE Link, they are known to fall off the network occasionally, requiring a reset. No need to remove from ST though, so it’s not that bad.

Ok thanks. I will do that when I get home. Thank You.

Its an Osram Lightify. Thanks for the info guys.