Light won't stay on, help

First time with ihome plug(Isp8), basically have a light plugged into a plug. Worked for 3 days with sunset sunrise stuff. Simple. As of last night it just turns on and off pretty quickly. Just need help reading these logs.

ST had some issues yesterday due to an AWS outage. It is possible what you experienced was related. I also saw Nest was affected so possible iHome might have been as well but I didn’t see any issues with their devices that I have. It might be good to wait and see what happens at sunset today.

Fair enough, I’m just trying to turn it on and have it stay on right now tho and it just turns off.

No rules in your iHome app that might be the cause?

Also, look at the recently tab for the device in ST to see if there might be an indication for what is turning it off. You can also click on the smartapps tab and click on each listed item and go into each one to see if there is a command turning them off.

With iHome devices, you can try unplugging them from the wall outlet for 10seconds and plugging them back in. Then give them a minute or two to reconnect.

Haven’t set a thing up in ihome app other then device Connection of course. Been watching the recently tab a lot, just on and off going on lol. For smartapps I have alexa and my Sunrise on command. Maybe it’s that darn alexa lol, I was hoping it was in the logs for the off portion but I’m not good at reading those.

I would suggest unplugging the iHome device nd plugging it back I . It is possible the AWS outage yesterday had some affect. If that doesn’t resolve it, I would suggest contacting ST support @

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Ok cool thanks, I’m 6 hours from home so will just have to wait, appreciate your time jkp