Light switch with no load


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Hi Ryan, I tried to Google.
Can you post a wiring diagram for what you want to explain?

PS in Holland we have different colors of wires (in tube and cable) for power/line (brown) neutral (blue), the switch/load (black) and protected earth (green/yellow).
That makes the overlook simpler.

Even if the power comes in at the ceiling / fixture, it goes to the switch first and then to the load at the ceiling. There the light is connected downstream of the switch and to the neutral.


Just posting this here because I am seeing a lot of confusion between “grounding“ and “grounded.“ Those are two completely different things.

The grounded connected wire is the same as a neutral. Exactly the same. So the code exception is saying, “yeah, we told you guys you all had to have a neutral at the switchbox but now we’re going to let you fish up one from someplace else on the circuit.” It’s still a neutral wire. It is not the ground wire.

A grounding wire is usually just called the ground, and it’s the one which is actually attached to earth and is a safety wire.

The neutral or grounded wire should be white. The grounding wire should be a bare wire or green or yellow. But not all houses follow the wiring conventions correctly, especially if they’re older.

Anyway, make sure you understand this difference. They are saying that if you have a smart switch we’re going to let you pull a neutral from someplace else. They are not saying you can use a ground wire instead of a neutral to make the smart switch work. The first one can be done safely. The second one cannot.