Light switch to run Smartthings Routines?

You need a special switch. :sunglasses:

The Homeseer switches introduced last year allow for both double and triple tap on both the top and the bottom of the switch so they may be the best match to what you were looking for. I Believe they’re available for shipment to Canada, but you would have to check on that. They are available both as a dimmer and as a regular on/off switch, each with the double and triple tap functionality.

The other alternative is the very newest GE zwave switches. These allow for double tap, but not triple tap. (Models 14291 and 14293)

You will need special code for either to access these features. Check the quick browse list in the community – created wiki and look in the device type handlers section for lighting:

Another alternative is to get one of the battery operated multi button switches. These can be more intuitive for guests because you can label the functions. The remotec 90 is particularly popular. You can find a full list of these, both wall mount and handheld, in the buttons FAQ: