Light switch info for Fan with light?

Thinking about changing out a light switch ceiling fan combo switch for wave. I’m new to this side of smart homes, so I have a 2 switch wall plate that control the ceiling fan lights and the fan separately. Can someone point me to a z wave product that can replace this? Will it be a double sized wall plate?

You will buy two single switches. Right now GE zwave is probably the most popular fan switch. For the best match, you’ll want the GE zwave or zigbee Switch or dimmer.

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See the FAQ, there are several options there. Although the topic thread mentions Alexa, the same solutions apply whether you are using a voice assistant or not. :sunglasses: The GE switches that Jimmy mentioned are option 2 in the FAQ.

FAQ: 2019 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?


It’s not clear if you have a 2-gang box (double wall plate) or a single-gang box with two switches. If the latter, there’s an option in the FAQ referenced by @jdroberts

You probably know or will learn that fans need smart switches designed for the load they generate.

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It’s a 2 gang box, does that limit my optipns?

nope. that expands them :slight_smile: The solutions mentioned above will work.

One of these

and one of these (assuming you want light dimming)


Good to see this. We are building a small house, our third with Smartthings. I am going to do all the switches. I had the best luck with the GE gen 1 in the last 2 years at the old house. I was wondering what was the top one these days.