Light Returning to Dimmed State After Motion Trigger

Hi, I have an automation for my back light to turn on at sunset at a %10 dim level.
I also have a motion trigger to set the light to %100 between sunrise and sunset.

This works great, but only for the 1st time: the light comes on at %10 at sunset, then %100 when motion is detected. However, it turns OFF after the timer is done. :sob:

What would be the best way to have it return to %10 (until sunrise)? I am using Cree connected bulbs with the “Smart Lighting” app.


This scenario has been discussed many tones in the CoRE thread. Are you using CoRE?

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it - I haven’t heard of CoRE before. Also, is this best place to post questions about general setup issues? Thanks.