Light Groups in mySmarthings Dashboard

I can create light groups on the mobile app, but seemingly not in MySmartThings, which is inconvenient, but not the end of the world.

I do note however that cnce created on my mobile device, they show up as devices in MySmartThings. However, they don’t seem to export to google home and therefore can’t be called. I assume this has something to do with them being CLOUD as opposed to LOCAL devices. Anyway to change a device location or create a lighting group that is Local?

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Probably nothing to do with it being local. Plenty of cloudto cloud integrations show up in the voice assistants, like Meross. And, no, you can’t create a local light group at the time of this writing.

More likely, it’s just the idiosyncrasies of lighting groups, which seem to be a construct still in development, and not yet fully baked. :man_shrugging:t2:

You can create a “Manually run routine“ (smartthings’ new name for scenes) which may be able to run locally if all of the included devices run locally, in case that’s of any help.

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Device groups (of which lighting is just one type) have been very slow to develop in SmartThings and seem to need an element of special handling. So it is likely to be no more than that.

For example, they have a device type of GROUP but if you ask the API for a list of devices in your Location you won’t see them by default. You have to explicitly ask for them to be included.

Routines don’t seem to list lighting groups as conditions but they do as actions.

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