Light for hutch

Does anyone know if they make a light that is kind of like this? I am wanting to add something to our hutch but is able to connected to ST. I know I could just do the light strip way. I need it to plug in.

That model should already work with SmartThings via the Hue bridge. So I’m not sure I understand the question.

My suspicion is he’s looking for a smaller version. That one’s 18" across, a little large for a hutch.

Maybe more than you want to deal with but I have a regular set of lights in a hutch that plug in to an outlet. I changed the outlet to a smart outlet (you could use a pocket socket instead) and I control it manually with a Z-Wave switch. The switch is not wired to any load - instead I make the connection between the switch and the outlet via SmartLighting in ST. I also have automatic rules set up in the same app.


You could also use nanoleaf panels. They connect via wifi, have a smartthings custom api, and mount flat. They’re also triangular so ymmv for how well they fit for your application.

The same device comes in a smaller model, 13.8 inches

Sorry I edited my post. I need it to plug in and not connect where a light in the ceiling.

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Nanoleaf does plug in. I like em, they’re fun.

If you’re looking for more suggestions, could you add some details? Do you need color changing, dimming, or just switching through smartthings? What is the surface area you are lighting up? And what’s your budget?

I would just get a plug-in undercabinet light. You can get these round or as a bar, they are a nice low profile. They come in many different styles. Then just plug them into any smart pocket socket.


I like that but it’s a little out of my budget.

Thanks, i ended up getting the round ones and got a smart plug.

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I have similar in my liquor cabinet - It has a light in it (halogen) that is plugged into an IRIS wall outlet and I put a contact sensor in it so when it opens the light goes on/off on close … similar type of light -

Long story short - plug it into a smart plug and be done :slight_smile:

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