Light fixture issue

Hi, I just put in a Lutton caseta dimmer switch and now my kitchen fluorescent lights take a lot longer to turn on. I see amazon has bulbs that fit in the original fixtures sockets and also led retro kits that come with drivers. My question is, which do I want so that my light turns on near instantly when the switch is turned on? I’m trying to figure this out before the wife turns on the light and gets mad lol.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Um, are they dimmable fluorescents? If not, you shouldn’t use a dimmer with them. The caseta dimmers fade in, so if you’ve got non-dimmable fluroescent lights connected, you’re giving them 2-3 seconds of non-full voltage.

Either switch to a caseta switch, or replace the fluorescents with something dimmable.

There are several styles of surface mounted LED dimmable fixtures available for ~$100. Replacing just the lamps with LED won’t add dimming. You’d have to replace the driver with one suitable for line voltage dimming. (some are designed for 0-10V DC dimming instead)

I put the old basic switch back for now because it didn’t seem safe. I do not believe they are dimmable fluorescents.

That’s probably wise. Caseta does have a switch off you want to automate your kitchen lights.

I don’t need dimming honestly. I just had another caseta dimmer left after I replaced my front door and back door light switches. I needed non neutral line switches for those. This one has 3 blacks and a ground with two whites together in a wire nut.