Light control options for Fan kits?

Recently we moved into a new house and I am looking for the best way to setup my lighting.

In our bedrooms we have hardwired remote controlled fans. This means the power to the fans is not through a wall switch and is controlled either via a remote control or the pull chains. We also have a wall switch that controls an outlet in the room. The plan is to hardwire the outlet inside the box so that it is always on and then run new power from the fan to the wall switch box to allow for physical control of the fan lights only (fan will stay on hardwired power and managed via pull cord or remote.

As i think about this more, I would rather not have to run new power if not needed so I’ve been looking into other options. Does using a smart light switch (hardwired at the box) to control smart bulbs (also hardwired) make sense?

We would want to use the GE Z-wave plus dimmer switch so that they match the style as the other switches through the house and still be able to dim the lights on the fans as well as have on/off functionality via the switch and smart apps / assistants. I assume this would need to be done with WebCORE, but I am not sure this is possible or not.

Would also be looking for a smart light bulb suggestion as well.

I’m also open to additional ideas for the situation.

More information about requirements if it helps:
Want to stay with GE style paddles (14294)
Ability to dim fan lights (color change is cool add-on but not really needed)
Only want one switch on the wall
Ability to control lights at the wall switch

I appreciate any ideas or feedback!

Option 3 in the fan FAQ might do what you want, although it’s not intuitive for guests, because you need to double tap the switch to turn the lights on and off. Single tapping just controls the fan. ( this is a clickable link)

Also, I’ve moved this thread to projects so you can get individualized responses based on your own needs and preferences. :sunglasses:

Having tried most of the options suggested in the thread JD linked, I ended up running the wire. It was a much more reliable solution. When you run it, run 3 conductor wire (black, white, red and ground) so you can have a second switch that controls the fan.

I was lucky as all my bedrooms were already had fan boxes wired with 2 switches, but I added a fan later on where a light used to be and that’s the one I tried the various options on. Hopefully running the wire won’t be too much of a hassle for you.

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