Light behavior under different modes

I think I’m finally starting to get all my lights configured on my Android tablet. I just wanted to check with you guys to see if I’m doing it properly. I’m trying to make the same light behave differently depending on the mode that my home is in.

I’ve had to add the same light 3 times into my dashboard and set each one to the proper mode under “Only when mode is”. I can see this being a problem when I have a lot of lights and there will be multiples of the same light.

I haven’t gotten that deep, but I think what you’ve identified is one of the only ways around some of the problems I’ve run into when trying to do similar things. The control isn’t granular enough.

For example: I want a certain light to come on every night at 6, but only at 100% if we’re home – if we’re not home, I want it to turn on at 8pm at 50% dim. During the day, I want it to come on at 50% if motion is detected and the ambient light is below a certain level. If it’s Night mode, I want it to come on at 20% if motion is detected.

I haven’t found an elegant way to establish these rules without creating a lot of duplicate virtual switches, which I haven’t gone through the effort of doing yet.