Lifx+ ...really that's it?

Lifx plus bulb. Supposed to supplement infrared light for my arlo cameras…

without infrared on…


with infrared on…

big disappointment. @JohnHoke @whoismoses @SteveWhite

I’m returning this.

Did you turn Night vision on in both the LIFX app and the Arlo app? Since it uses extra power, you have to turn it on. And you have to turn it on in both, the LIFX bulb to send it out and the Arlo camera to recognize it.

Yep…in both of those pictures, arlo night vision is on. only difference was that I toggled the IR for the LIFX bulb in the LIFX app.

I also moved it to a different location to test. I moved it near a wall to see if I’d get any reflection of IR off of the wall. Nope. Just a pinpoint of light like these pics. Meek to say the least.

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What level did you set the IR to?

I believe there were two options in the LIFX app. 50 % or 100%. I chose the latter.

I returned the bulb to Amazon the next day.

Arlos cameras use 850nm infrared light. The Lifx website states “LIFX + A19 uses 950nm infrared light to help enhance infrared cameras night vision. Be sure to check your security cameras specification for compatibility.”