LIFX Official API

So I started looking at the Offical SDK from lifx with the goal of building support for the bulbs into smart things. I have noticed a couple of things that are disappointing a little bit with the LIFX SDK (they are sdk’s not api’s as best I can tell) they are exposing functions but the underlying protocol is not really there. I wanted to base this off of the Sonos and Hue apps that smart things built as that would be the ideal. However what I have found is that you need to have a server running on your local network in order to communicate with the bulbs. There is no real way to talk and discover the bulbs without this. Has anyone else started playing with the official SDK from lifx and if so am I missing something in regards to the SDK from lifx? if so I would love to collaborate on it as I am new to groovy and smart things and am having a slow go at it as I am trying to learn the environment as I go.

I would love to collaborate on this… I have been holding off on buying LIFX bulbs until they released an official SDK / API. As I have a server consistently running (host my own websites) having a server isn’t a blocker for me. Now that they have released this official SDK I might dive in with my income tax return and buy a bunch of these bulbs.

What I really like about LIFX that the other bulbs on the market don’t give is not needing a proprietary box sitting on my network like the one that comes with the Hue bulbs.

I have found an “unofficial” HTTP API for LIFX,

That is the one that I have been using to communicate with my bulbs. I have just added what code I have to a Smartthings-LIFX git repo I have the basic communication working for both a Smartapp similar to the hue and sonos connect apps, but parsing the response is light. I also have a very basic device type created however I have not had time to get it fully working. It turns the bulbs off but does not update state yet. I really have not had a ton of time to work on this as of late. I plan on trying to play with it some more tonight.

@rakote, I’m looking at potentially porting the current SDK over to a node.js framework (since looks ot have been an abandoned project and isn’t based on the offical SDK). Though just ordered 4 bulbs to play around with :D.

Doesn’t lifx have a more official api now? wouldn’t connectivity be lan-2-lan? It seems like I should have gone with Hue!