Lifx colour bulb - ok in lifx but unable to select a location in ST

(Jill stanton) #1


I have a new lifx colour bulb which the lifx app can control.
have added via “new things” in ST and authorised it (can see this in lifx cloud as well) but when asked, I cant select a location.

anyone else had this?



(Jill stanton) #2


can advise this was an issue caused by the bt homehub 5.
once bt protect was turned off, the lifx app was able to connect to the lifx cloud and showed as connected, and then ST hub could get a location and now the bulb can be controlled

hope this helps someone else in the UK.



(Darren Mayes) #3

Can you elaborate a little?

What is BT protect?

I am having same issue currently.

(Jill stanton) #4

If you go to http://bthomehub.home and go to advanced settings (requires admin password) and turn off bt protect and parental controls

(Darren Mayes) #5

Wait, does BT in your case stand for British Telecom?

(Jill stanton) #6

It was a security setting on the homehub 5 stopping the Lifx bulb being able to connect and control via ST.
In Lifx app does bulb show as connected.
If not, sounds like a similar issue and maybe similar settings on your router