Lifx Colour Bulb - can't add to WebCore? What am I missing? <resolved>

Hi there

Reasonably new to Smartthings and WebCore and have just spent a small fortune on a new Lifx BR30 Colour Smart Bulb.
I have created an account with Lifx and added the bulb to Smartthings on the Smartthings App.

The issue I have is that when I go to the Smartthings App/SmartApps/Webcore/Settings/Available Devices, I can’t see it listed as an “Available Device” and therefore can’t add it to make it available to WebCore. I can see all my other devices, but not my new bulb.

What am I missing? Am I missing some obvious step or do I need a device handler??

Look in the section —> select devices by capability > capability group 1-3

You probably just aren’t familiar with the Actuator and Sensor capabilities. They were once ubiquitous in device handlers, and they were used to tag devices that have commands (actuators) and attributes (sensors) and were very handly for apps like webCoRE where you potentially want to authorise any of your devices - two capability lists would cover all the devices. They are however deprecated capabilities and not offered at all in the new integrations. So as @jkp will have mentioned you need to look in one of the capability groups where you will find devices listed by more specific capabilities.

Sometimes you can get really unlucky and have a device with a capability that webCoRE doesn’t know about, but it doesn’t happen that often.

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Found it under Capability Group 1. Thanks guys!