LIFX & Color Control?

Hello All! I recently just purchased a SmartThings hub and an LIFX lamp to start my home automation set-up. I have been trying to figure out the best way to have it turn on and set to a specific color. The hue/sat presets that are offered through the Smart Lighting Smart App are very poor in rendering the white color described (most turn either far too blue or green). Is there any way to modify what those color presets are in the app? Or create my own custom presets to chose from? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone who has LIFX will respond. Meanwhile, I do know that some people will use IFTTT for color control of their LIFX bulbs.

You can either link it to a physical device or to a virtual switch. But that method does end up being the equivalent of a bunch of presets so it may not meet all your needs.

The IFTTT method is pretty simple to set up. But it can introduce some additional lag.

An alternative is to use Core. The setup is complex, but there are many community members who will be glad to help. :sunglasses:

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Hi @JDRoberts

Thanks so much for the advice! I went through and set-up CoRE and was able to get it to do exactly what I wanted. I love the ability to do a lot more customization of things now, this is exactly what I needed. Thanks! :slight_smile:



I have a lot of LIFX bulbs and use CoRE to control them. Also, take a look at the Group of Groups device handler so you can control a group as a single device.

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