LIFX BULBS Outside use

XJust wanted to let everybody know who’s interested. I put three lifx bulbs outside on October 1. I plan on leaving them outside permanently. I live in Pennsylvania it gets to 0 degrees Fahrenheit sometimes in the winter time for temperature. They are in protected enclosures and under and eve. The outdoor lighting fixtures are actually open on the bottom slightly. I’m thinking this will be good for ventilation in the summertime. Protected from precipitation. I’ll keep you guys posted on their condition as the months go on.


I was thinking about putting a Hue light outside to see what happens and how it works under extreme conditions.

Last winter I remember one evening when it was Minus 37ºC (-34ºF). Yes, you read that correctly.

I am doing the same Hue experiment. 1 bulb since May 1, and another since September 1. They are the new $15 Hue whites.

If you are going to do this. Please post your finding. I want to know the result.

Just need to pick up one of the “cheap” Hue white’s, and we’ll get the show on the road. I’ve got the feeling things are not going to go so well though. I’ll be amazed if the bulb still works by mid-January.

Near zero temps and snow. LIFX bulbs are working fine in protected outdoor fixtures through January and February