LIFX+ Bulbs 33% off

LIFX plus bulbs. Normally $79. $53 right now on Amazon.

These are the ones with the infrared light which are good for people who would like to supplement their camera’s existing infrared light.

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My local Best Buy had those on clearance a few weeks ago in the $30 range. I started to jump on it until I read a review that pointed out the infrared stays on all the time, so you have a bulb that is constantly using power (however small). If the infrared is a feature that you want, then sure. But I decided not to use the Plus version in the absence of use for the infrared.

You can now schedule the infrared on and off either through the lifx app or using Webcore— Which is how I plan to do it.

I have 15 of the regular lifx bulbs right now. This is my first “plus” bulb. I’m buying it to enhance my Arlo camera’s infrared light.

Don’t always believe everything you read in a review. Specs I saw said IR activates when the light is set at 10% or below. As Eric said, you can also set them in the app to only be on during certain times, so the IRs are not on during daylight hours.

OK, thanks for the correction.