LIFX bulb not recognized by "capability.light" during input

Hey everyone,

I’ve currently got a couple sensors in my house, a WeMo Insight Switch, and two LIFX light bulbs (the white 800 A13 and the white 900 BR30). I’m trying to write a simple child app that turns on a selected light when a contact sensor is opened, but when I try to create an input limited to devices with “capability.light”, no devices are recognized. The lights (and a lot of my own virtual switches) do show up with “capability.switch”, and the app works, so I know the rest of my code is fine. I’m wondering if the “LIFX (Connect)” smart app wasn’t smart enough to tell ST they are lights. Are there any ways to fix that, or perhaps any custom handlers for LIFX bulbs that can control them over LAN? (I saw a handler for LIFX groups, but I’m more interested in a basic handler for individual bulbs at this point.)

Here’s the relevant line:

input "lights", "capability.light", title: "Light(s)", required: true, multiple: true, submitOnChange: true