Lifx Blubs - Crashes ST Mobile app when in Things

I just setup my first Original Lifx A21 bulb. Setting up with SmartThings was pretty staight forward but I have issues:

  • When clicking on the bulb within Things, it crashes ST, Although I can still setup the Smart LIghts Smart App
  • When using the Smart Lights app and setting the color to ‘Default’, it actually turns the bulb a lightish green.

Hopefully someone out there has dealt with these same issues and can help me out.

Let me guess your running android?

@sidjohn1, yes I am. Is there a fix for this?

I cant even see the LIFX bulbs in the lighting section, just shows up Phillips?? Latest version of the Android App just installed it yesterday.

I’d look for the Customer DeviceType in the community area.

I have to admit they seem to work a lot better than the ST’s official ones at the moment - Plus the developers are always updating them and creating fix’s.

Unfortunately, not to my knowledge, shy of switching to iOS. I’d reccemend letting support know, it will probably be “a matter of weeks” before its fixed.

Translation - “We just don’t know when, but we’ll tell you this anyway”

exact same here … sad there wasn’t a fix listed in this thread. :frowning:

Yeah it’s a real shame a fix was never posted 3 entries up… No wait!

Hmmm, if you mean the post about “LIFX Connect,” that’s the name of the app that I used to connect my LIFX to ST in the first place … now that it’s connected, when clicking on the bulb within Things, it crashes ST. Color changing doesn’t seem to work in “Gentle Wake UP,” nor does it ramp up the brightness as requested … and the light turns green for no apparent reason if I don’t choose to vary the color (if I do “vary” the color, it always is purple).

If there’s an alternate “LIFX Connect” I’m not sure where to find it as the link above is broken…but thanks for the very helpful post.

Mine just started crashing today. My lone LIFX bulb doesn’t appear in the room it is assigned to. I can find it in devices–but as soon as I click on it smartthings crashes. Was fine when I last used it Tuesday March 1st. Came to the forum looking to see if it was known–and here you are!

Wonder if this is effecting any others right now.

Edit: Before anyone asks, nothing in my ST setup has changed since 2/28, which is before the last time it worked successfully.

]The community driven support is call lifx 2.0. The smartthings official is called lifx connect. -> ->

This makes me giggle…