Lifx API server down?

I suddenly cant control my lifx bulbs in both ST and hubitat. It works with the Lifx app. When I try to get to it times out. Anyone else having Lifx issues?

I got an email from lifx stating routine cloud maintenance tonight.

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That explains it.
It’s back up now.

You will need to reconnect LIFX Connect App login information! :rage:

Curiously, the Group of Groups code still worked just fine. I only have Lifx in one room, so what I do is either done by scenes (through webCoRE) or by group, and I didn’t notice any of that not working. Odd… Though, I guess they use access tokens, instead of the integration through ST.

@jsulliweb - Correct. My DH (Group of Groups) does not use the ST integration. They (LIFX) has maintenance yesterday and I had some issues.

@whoismoses Funny thing was I was testing my hubitat version of your GOG dth and was getting really frustrated because it went down in the middle of my tests. I thought I broke something and spent 20 minutes trying to figure out what I did until the logs started reporting a server error. When I tried from ST and it failed as well, I realized something else was wrong. For a while there I thought I might have messed up and exceeded my alotted API hits.

Never got that email about the maintenance window.