LIFX 800 6 Pack $99.00

$269 for color 6pack

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That link is for the Gen 2 color. The Gen 3 “LIFX” is also $44.99 per bulb right now.

$5 off coupon code: lifx5off

Is the Gen 3 worth the extra money over the Gen 2?

The gen 3 is currently the same price as the old gen 2 “Color 1000”. My initial deal posting is for the gen 2 white bulbs. At roughly $15 per bulb, it’s a great deal.


The LIFX 800 6 Pack for $99.00 is still available . Is this a good deal? I’m looking for cheapest smart bulbs (white) & control it via the smartthings. I would need 6 bulbs. Pls suggest me a better deal for the smart bulbs.

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I really like my LIFX bulb’s. very reliable and they have ecxellent customer service. A cpl things to consider is brightness. They are about the same as a 40w bulb. Weight. They are heavy and can make a lamp easy to tip over.

6 for $99 is a good deal.

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Black Friday is over. Now 4/$90 6/$135

Look at switches if you can. Comes out cheaper in the long run imo. I have both switch and bulbs but prefer switch.


Good point. Especially for bulbs in hard to reach places. Getting out a ladder to reset bulbs will only add to the frustration.

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Thanks @rflores2323. Its a good point. Which type of switch you recommend getting it from lowes ?

Lowe’s have GE switches. " Type " depends on your own personal choice , rocker or paddle. dimmer or switch

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I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help but gloat at having gotten 18 of the 800 Whites when they were on clearance at Lowes for $2.99 each.

These suckers are heavy. I put them in my front seat when I picked up and the seat belt gong started going off because it thought there was someone sitting in the front seat.


wow that was an awesome deal :open_mouth: