LIFX 1000 not refreshing it's state in ST mobile app?

I haven’t had a lot of trouble with z-wave based devices but this wifi bulb does not seem to get it’s current state into the ST app without hitting the Refresh button.
Is there something I need to do to get it to stay up to date?

This will happen occasionally. About a month ago I started using pollster to run a refresh on my 10 LiFx bulbs every 60 minutes and haven’t had a state sync issue since :smile:

Geez though, every 60 minutes?
Also, what’s it like having 10 LIFX bulbs? is it nice having that flexibility everywhere?

My biggest thing is trying to figure out ways to get them to reset to traditional white on normal situations…?
Maybe I need to get them on a z-wave switch before I can really get good rules setup for it.

It’s not like you think. I just makes sure it has the kick it needs to stay in sync. Once the bulbs and hub are synced it works fine. This will hopefully won’t be necessary after today’s database update. I stopped using the color options under Smart Lights because the colors never matched what was set. I haven’t tried Rule Machine with the color settings in almost a month. Bruce added in more color options now it may help to look there.