LIFX 1000 BR30 For Sale

(Rick Pittser) #1

Hopefully for sale posts are allowed here. I apologize if they aren’t. Just let me know if it is against the rules.

I have 4 LIFX Color 1000 BR30 lights that I am selling. They are about 6 months old. Perfect condition. Moving to a new house that doesn’t have any recessed lighting fixtures so I can no longer use them. Paid $50 each, will sell for $30 each, which is $70 less than you would pay for 4 brand new ones. Will ship in original packaging. I doubt you could tell the difference between these and new ones.


Sent you pm

(David) #3

Are the bulbs still available? Thanks!


Sent a Pm shortly after they were listed with no response

(Rick Pittser) #5

I’m sorry - the bulbs have been sold.