Liftmaster/myq/gocontrol understanding

Hi, i’m trying to get an understanding of this liftmaster I just got. 8165 with myq tech. I simply want to be able to contol it from my phone and know if it’s open or not. I see multiple discussion seeming to give me different info. I see people say the gocontrol can be used with it and others say it cannot.

I need to know is the fact that my liftmaster is CAPABLE of doing the myq is what precludes me from using the gocontrol, or is it if I USE and try to integrate the myq and smartthings where it wont work? Do I need to use myq in order to use the gocontrol, or can I just hook up the gocontrol, forget about myq, and I’m good to use my phone and remote from there?


have you installed it yet? if so, post a picture of your interior push button that runs to the motor.

I’m confused. As you note, the LiftMaster 8165 includes MyQ remote monitoring and control. All you need to interface with it is to install the free MyQ mobile app on your phone. Since you say that monitoring and controlling the garage door from your phone is all you want, why are you looking to also get/use a GoControl unit with a garage door opener that already has the functionality you’re after built-in?

ETA: OK, I forgot the fact that you also need a MyQ Gateway, which I’m assuming you don’t have. So you’re trying to compensate for that by using something compatible with an ST hub, which you already have…correct? But even then, the MyQ Gateway is significantly less expensive than the GoControl unit…so why bother with it unless you’re really wanting ST integration?

Yes it’s installed. Here’s the control.

Yes, integration. Price isn’t a factor.

Product Compatibility Information

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smh. I saw that before…but i didnt see the “not” and thought that was a list of openers it worked with. Ok, i guess i can place my order. Thanks.

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Good luck! Better to have control in one place in smh than having to add another app plus the ability to add custom dth

Well, there’s where the confusion comes from. In your OP you said…

But in fact you also want ST integration. So, yeah…the GoControl is what you need.

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on amazon and it seems this product is prone to go bad year 1-2, and sometimes gives false info. I can’t be at work paranoid the whole day because I THINK my garage is open. I thought about going with the other tilt sensor, but it seems that has an expiration date as well. Now I’m thinking of going with a door sensor and a regular switch programmed to be a momentary switch.


GoControl is not compatible with this model, tried it and doesn’t work. You’ll have to use @brbeaird’s MyQ device handler to get it to work with ST. There’s a hack for it, buy an extra (smaller) button for it, hook up the button (solder) to the GoControl wires and now control it that way. There’s a thread about it on the forum if you’re really into hacking it.

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The MyQ Lite integration works well, but even that requires a tilt or contact sensor to know if the door is open or closed. That said, my tilt sensors have been rock solid other than some extremely rare reports where one has reported a false “open” (I’ve never had either one tell me the door was closed when it wasn’t). If you go the MyQ route, you also have the ability to check the door’s status in the native MyQ app, since the door itself reports the status back to MyQ, so essentially you’d have multiple layers of ensuring you know the door’s status.

Here’s an idea, use @brbeaird MyQ to control the garage door and use your Linear sensor to report the position of the door. That’s one of the things we’ve done in the labs and it makes use of both pieces of hardware and you don’t need to buy another door position sensor.

@brbeaird we have a Garage Door Management SmartApp (see below), if you’d like we can modify it to report the Linear door sensor position to your MyQ device handler and if the values don’t match you can force a refresh against MyQ or update the door position based on what’s reported by the SmartApp.